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Sleep disturbance may be the presenting manifestation of a physical and/or psychiatric disorder. Consequently, a decision to initiate symptomatic treatment of insomnia should only be made after the patient has been carefully evaluated.

DAYVIGO™ (lemborexant) is indicated for the treatment of insomnia, characterized by difficulties with sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance.

DAYVIGO is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 years.

DAYVIGO is not recommended in patients with severe hepatic impairment.

Consult the Product Monograph at https://ca.eisai.com/en-CA/-/media/Files/CanadaEisai/DAYVIGOProductMonograph-English-03Nov2020.pdf for important information about:

  • Contraindications in patients who are hypersensitive to this drug or to any ingredient in the formulation, including any non-medicinal ingredient, or component of the container, and patients with narcolepsy.

  • Relevant warnings and precautions regarding abnormal thinking and behavioural changes; CNS depressant effects (including alcohol) and daytime impairment; complex sleep behaviours; sleep paralysis, hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations, and cataplexy-like symptoms; worsening of depression/suicidal ideation; co-morbid diagnoses; drug interactions - inhibitors and inducers of CYP3A; patients with galactose intolerance; driving and operating machinery; patients with dependence/tolerance and abuse liability, hepatic impairment, compromised respiratory function, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • Conditions of clinical use, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and dosing instructions.